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About Beyond Your Website

Beyond Your Website
is a fresh new company with fresh new ideas for online marketing.

With over 30 years experience in web marketing and business consultancy, our combined knowledge covers all aspects of your online marketing needs.

Plenty of businesses consider the technical side of website creation and marketing. Making sure the site runs well and that all the latest marketing tools are used to promote your business but we look at marketing in a different way.  We recognise that the decisions made on the site functionality is about the customer, not the business itself and the online presence is not necessarily all the latest tools but what is going to work best for your business needs

Our Team

John Negrin - Head of Sales & Marketing

Jillian Edwards - Head of Design & Programming

Cathy Wood - Head of Project Management

Cathy has been Multimedia Designer for 7 years after many years at home with her two young children. With her skills she was asked to work in several Educational Institutes teaching website creation through to e-marketing business strategies and Public Relations. As part of her teaching experience she found herself working with teenagers creating short films as a way of getting a year 10 certificate. As well as teaching she has run a small website building business with Jillian and found that Beyond Your Website gave her the opportunity to use her skills to a fuller extent and create opportunities for others through business expansion.
Beyond Your Website - innovative online marketing

Social Marketing

Now, with the rise in popularity of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, word of mouth does not happen over a cup of coffee with friends but is posted on blogs and noticeboards.

This may not sound significant but all this information posted on the net can be found by search engines, making social media another important part of marketing.

Ask us what part social media plays in your business marketing.