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Corporate Branding

Having the right look can make or break a company. A consistent look gives your audience a familiarity that can get your product easily recognised by the public.

This marketing tactic has been used around the world to help many companies become large corporations that make billions each year. If I talk about the yellow arches or you see a tick on a pair of joggers you know which company these simple images represent. These companies used corporate branding as a marketing tool for their business.

Using a simple yet effective logo and adhering to a style guide will not only get your business noticed but keep it in the public’s mind. Companies like Coca Cola have kept the same logo for the last hundred years so that even if you are in a foreign speaking country you will still recognise a can of coke even if you can’t read the label.

corporate branding gets your name out there! Corporate Branding gets your name out there, reminds potential clients who you are and what you do.