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Maintenance Plans

Once your site is up it is important as part of your business’ development that the site too will grow and evolve.

To really make the most of your website and bring it to its full potential, it is important to change and develop the site as you discover what does and doesn’t work. This is an important part of any marketing strategy.

You will also find that information on your website may need to change as you change products or maybe relocate your business. Having to pay for these changes can become an expensive process, so Beyond Your Website has created a variety of maintenance packages to give you the freedom to build without breaking the bank. We have packages that cater for your website size and needs so you won’t find yourself paying for more than you need.

We also have a rollover policy on all our packages so if you don’t use your maintenance time for a month it will rollover to the next. This is to take the pressure off you and make sure you get what you pay for.