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Social Networking

We have all heard of Facebook and Twitter, they seem to be everywhere we look but are they really the latest marketing tool? The answer is a resounding yes!

These social networks are the new way for people to interact and it is happening in a big way.

Facebook is a company with over 400 million users and half of those accessing their accounts every day. Now with these users averaging 130 friends each for one person to talk about your company because they were happy with your product/service, they are telling around 130 people. Then for each person who makes a comment on that, another 130 people are informed. Now for one person to join your Facebook group and two people to comment on that, 390 people have been made aware of your product. Its simple maths but you can see what an effect social networking can have on your business.

Twitter and Facebook are also great ways to promote new products and services, letting clients know how your business is developing and keeping people up to date on information that may affect you or your clients.

These are important ways to develop good customer relations and can then get you talked about in a positive light. Sounds easy, we can get you started, click here.

Now, with the rise in popularity of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, word of mouth does not happen over a cup of coffee with friends but is posted on blogs and noticeboards.

This may not sound significant but all this information posted on the net can be found by search engines, making social media another important part of marketing.

Ask us what part social media plays in your business marketing.